Hi-Lo-13 Blackjack: An Added Chance to Win!

Hi-Lo-13 is a new variant of European style blackjack lays-the-cards.com that is becoming increasingly popular in online circles. While it is based on the classic card game, there are quite a few changes that players should know about.

What is Hi-Lo-13?

Hi-Lo starts just like any other game of blackjack. Players are expected to place their bets, and then the cards are dealt. This variety simply adds a type of side bet. In addition to the main betting circle, there are three smaller circles where a player can place his or her side bet. Set aside your fears. You can do quite well inside of an online casino environment. You just need to pay attention to certain games on the jeux casino gratuit website. We'll show you how you can win a jackpot. We'll even provide you with inside knowledge. A Hi bet means that the player expects that his or her first two cards will total higher than 13 bet; a Lo bet would be a total of less than 13, and a 13 bet would expect that the total of the first two cards would be exactly 13.

Two Chances to Win

Because players place online casino both main and side bets, there are two chances to win. The results of the side bet are determined immediately after the cards are dealt. While Aces still equal 11 for purposes of the main bet, for the side bet, they only equal 1. A winning Hi or Lo bet pays out 1-to-1 on the side bet that the player placed. A winning 13 bet plays out 10-to-1. Once this section of the game is complete, it moves into regular European style blackjack.

Any Tips?

Players shouldn't really incorporate the side betting into any established blackjack strategy because once the side bets are tallied and winnings are awarded, it no longer has any effect on the traditional game. The best bet is for players to follow whatever strategy fits both the game and his or her play style the best.

While not essential, the side bets in Hi-lo-13 blackjack add a new, interesting, and potentially profitable variable to an already exciting game.