Progressive Jackpots at Casino Titan

Progressive jackpots at Casino Titan can be a great way to instantly and dramatically increase a player's potential winnings. By making a single additional bet on a variety of different games, players can qualify to win side pots. Every player that contributes a side bet and buys into these pots increases the pot's overall holdings. As more players buy in, the pot grows. Eventually, one player will stumble upon the unique sequence of events that will win them the pot. When that happens, that lucky player gets to claim all of the winnings across all of the other players. In most cases these progressive jackpots occur in slots games. Players spin the reels, and if they get all three or five rare symbols in a single frame, they win it all. However, if players failed to put in their side bet, they forego the win and the pot continues to grow.
Non-Slot Jackpots
Not every progressive jackpot offered at online circlesTitan is based in a slots game, however. free online slots usa at Casino Titan Players can qualify for progressive pots by playing poker and a handful of other games as well. Players can win the side pot in select poker hands by combining or coming across incredibly rare hands such as a five of a kind or four of a kind with the game's wild cards. The circumstances for each progressive win are unique, so players have to check to see how they might win the pot. Plus, they have to remember to always buy into the side bet. If the fail to make that side bet on the one time that they manage to win the pot, it doesn't matter how many times they bet previously. They have to place the bet on the hand that they win, or else they lose it all.